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Healthy teeth – for a lifetime

Welcome dear patient!

Do you want to maintain your oral health, protect your teeth and permanently protect your investment in dental implants? If so, you’re in especially good hands in a PerioPrevention Center (PPC). Tooth preservation and implant protection are in the foreground here. Thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, a PPC can check to make sure your teeth or dental implants are free from inflammation in a matter of minutes.

Your advantage – early detection: Your personalized prevention plan is precisely tailored to your immune system and provides you with valuable information on maintaining your health

PerioPrevention® Centers (PPC) are certified specialist medical and dental practices and clinics which are highly specialized in tooth preservation, health maintenance and implant protection. They are the point of contact in your region for biomarker diagnostics and are experts in the early detection of active periodontal degeneration. Close interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists such as gynecologists, orthopedists or pulmonologists is possible since they too perform the same test. If necessary, and with your consent, physicians and dentists professionally consult each other in order to ensure your oral and bodily health. PPCs have the know-how and equipment that permits them to use modern diagnostics and minimally invasive measures to diagnose the development of periodontal diseases at an early stage and to effectively and permanently treat their stimulative causes (e.g., bacterial plaque).

PPCs’ use of state-of-the-art, minimally invasive methods in the course of preventive treatment is significantly higher than the average standard. They employ the most modern prevention concepts such as intensive teeth cleaning as taught by the Scandinavian school (study by Prof. Axelsson/Prof. Lindhe). This is combined with support measures to combat periodontal inflammatory processes. Use the PPC Finder and visit one of the over 200 Europe-wide PPCs in your area and experience first-hand the good feeling of finding a preventive treatment tailored to your needs.

We care about your health!

We look forward to your visit. Use the convenient appointment request and the VIP coupon* for your prevention appointment.


*(coupon can be found in the detail view of the practice page in the PPC Finder)

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