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Position yourself future-oriented and become a certified PerioPrevention® Center

The PerioPrevention® Center Certificate is the mark of quality for physicians and dental practices that value scientifically proven immunological screening and prevention techniques and have integrated them into their QM system.

This enables physicians to broaden their range of diagnostics to include the prevention of oral inflammation and to actively connect with dental practices that focus on prevention-oriented dentistry. Parallel to this, dental practices that foster the inflammation-free preservation of natural teeth and dental implants and that wish to develop their expertise in the field of delegable prevention services can take advantage of our unique concept for digital aMMP-8 reader technology in Germany.

What’s more, only 500 certified PerioPrevention® Centers receive the concept with pre-programmed chances of success:

  • First-mover advantage for the digital aMMP-8 reader technology in your region
  • PerioPrevention® Center microsite homepage johndoedentalpractice-everyman.periopreventioncenter.de for optimal patient communication and prevention services
  • Patient communication for your practice, e.g. patient flyers, educational papers, patient enrollment
  • Regular event updates for members
  • Uniqe oral profiling concept in-office and in the lab
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation concept
  • Team education online and employee certificates

In your Perioprevention® center, your patients receive the best early detection and monitoring with scientifically acknowledged and patented aMMP-8 technologies for the retention of teeth, implant protection and to promote overall health. For this, we provide you with a website for your patients.

To find out more, request your personal online education access today.

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