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Become a competence center for interdisciplinary prevention diagnostics

Building the bridge from medicine to dentistry® is the largest interdisciplinary specialist medicine initiative in Europe which has joined ranks in the effort to implement early detection and prevention of oral inflammation processes.

In line with calls by the Federal Association of Dentists (BZÄK) and leading specialist associations for preventive medicine to jointly promote the prevention of periodontal inflammation processes, an interdisciplinary action alliance has been formed.

Here, we provide you with a concrete overview to familiarize yourself with the interdisciplinary network of medical practitioners involved in preventive efforts.

Foreword by the President of the German Society for Prevention and Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM)

Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk

The guiding principle of ”Healthy mouth – Healthy body“ forms the core of our philosophy. Here, foremost effort always centers on the wellbeing of the patient and maintaining inflammation-free oral and bodily health. This also benefits your practice by offering you the opportunity to strengthen your preventive services.

PerioPrevention® Centers benefit by:

+ increasing revenue from dental hygiene                         + increasing recall intensity among implant patients

+ acquiring new preventive-services patients + acquiring new implant and recall patients

+ developing a medical referrer network + cooperation with strong partners from the medical field.

The opportunity lies in the development of an interdisciplinary medical approach fostered by cooperation from all specialist groups, since hidden oral inflammation (periodontitis) negatively affects people with chronic pre-existing conditions, as well as couples who are trying unsuccessfully to have children.

Interdisciplinary diagnostics forms the bridge between medicine and dentistry and has been called for by professional associations for decades. The PerioPrevention® concept closes this gap and is based on more than 800 medical studies and some 100 studies in the area of dental medicine.

The interdisciplinary aMMP-8 diagnostics, combined with a professional clinical pathway concept, enables you to define your practice as a “Specialist practice for interdisciplinary inflammation prevention”.

Below, you’ll find all the expert statements you need, plus tutorials for your information.

Interdisciplinary alliance of medicine & dentistry


Leading specialists recommend interdisciplinary collaboration between medicine and dentistry and seek cooperation with prevention-oriented dental hygiene practices.

Prof. inv. Dr. Martin Jörgens

Dipl. med. Kersten Marx

Najib N. R. Nassar

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Pfützner

The President of the German Association for Cosmetic Dentistry (DGKZ) says:

Periodontitis has broad implications for areas that involve very serious medical consequences. By employing aMMP-8 biomarker technology, we can observe the progression of diseases. Working with colleagues from other specialist medical groups should be a matter of course.

vivaneo fertility clinic, Head of Reproductive Medicine

We’re looking to collaborate with dentists as a way of assisting with fertility. There needs to be a reduction in periodontal diseases.

Specialist for Obstetrics and Gynecology, novum in Essen, gynecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine
The average age of women giving birth to their first child is steadily rising, as is the number of cases of periodontal disease, which in turn has a negative effect on fertility.
Professor of Applied Clinical Research, Center for Diabetology Mainz

We need sensible, integrative patient care for a pathology like diabetes.

Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk

Dr. med. Jürgen Klinghammer

Neurosurgeon Andreas Schmitz

Prof. Dr. med. Burkhard Rischke

Gynecologist and head physician of the Schön Klinik Nuremberg Fürth says:

Interdisciplinary work is always important in medicine. For optimal overall healthcare treatment, we need more dentists.

Gynecologist and GenoGyn Chairman says:

Hidden inflammation is very stressful for one’s health and impacts the fertility of women. The same applies to the immune system and chronic diseases. Interdisciplinary cooperation is the future, and we live and breathe from the joint networking of interdisciplinary specialists and, especially, the dentists that form part of this.

The specialist for neurosurgery and managing director of the Bel Etage Clinic says:

Interdisciplinary cooperation is high on our agenda. We work with a dentist and we have had very good success. The dentist helps us when deciding whether to perform implant surgery. Hidden inflammation in the oral area must first be remedied before surgical procedures are performed.

The specialist for traumatology and spinal surgery says:

The collaboration between the specialist disciplines represents a significant milestone in the modern orientation of medicine, and represents responsible patient-oriented action. We need to continue to develop our screening methods and involve dentists in order to eliminate hidden oral inflammation, which always has an impact in connection with other complex diseases.

The diagnosis that binds us together.

The common language we speak…

Periodontitis is the largest of all hidden inflammatory processes which can adversely affect general health as well as have an impact in the form of chronic disease. Until now, physicians have been unable to diagnose it. In a research project spanning more than 30 years, Prof. Dr. Timo Sorsa of the University of Helsinki has researched aMMP-8 biomarker technology and provided scientific proof of the validity and reliability of this test method in more than 200 studies. aMMP-8 is considered to be a bridge between medicine and dentistry and allows physicians and dentists to identify the degenerative degradation process of the periodontium for the first time by means of a biomarker value which is measurable in the saliva before outwardly visible damage has occurred.

Biomarker diagnostics – the language of medicine: aMMP-8 is the indicator for active periodontal degeneration (APD) and forms the basis for communicative exchange within the interdisciplinary team of practitioners.

Similar to CRP in serum, aMMP8 now provides a reliable biomarker that can detect whether the immune system is already degrading periodontal tissue via the activation of the oral matrix metalloproteinases and a subclinical inflammatory process is present.

Not yet detectable by the naked eye, this acute process accelerates a reduction in tissue stability and thus the stability of the parodont. In addition, the immune system is already burdened by hidden inflammation. For the healthy individual, this results in the weakening of the body’s defenses, and for people with a chronic pre-existing disease it results in the mutually negative impact on existing maladies (diabetes, rheumatism, etc.).

Early detection usingaMMP-8 biomarker diagnostics now allows both specialists and dentists to communicate with each other via a measurable value in order to protect their joint patient from the possible negative effects of hidden oral inflammation as soon as possible.

Tutorial with co-developer D.R. Gieselmann, Ltg. IMOD

The advantages of interdisciplinary treatment

For Dentists and Dental Hygienists

  • Treatment, therapy and recommendations in a specialized referrer network
  • Development of holistic medical expertise
  • Acquiring new patients in the field of preventive medicine
  • Increase income from delegable services and utilization in dental hygiene
  • Scientifically recognized, with approximately 100 dental studies
  • Use of aMMP-8 technology recommended by DGZMK and DGP as an interdisciplinary nexus
  • High patient compliance via qualitative and quantitative aMMP-8 test results
  • Visibility as a “practice for interdisciplinary inflammation prevention”

For Physicians

  • oral inflammation prevention as a component of medical history
  • Scientifically acknowledged, with some 800 medical studies
  • Recommended for use in medical practice by the DGZMK and DGP
  • Interdisciplinary referral network
  • Fully-developed support for implementation in day-to-day practice: patient education materials
  • Sample templates simplify billing

Benefits for the patient

For Patients

  • Early detection diagnostics to detect hidden oral inflammation and thus preserve one’s own teeth and alleviate the immune system, as well as to reduce negative interactions with chronic, pre-existing diseases
  • Simple and fast test procedure
  • Holistic health education
  • Interdisciplinary treatment with expert recommendations on individual preventive measures or therapies for maintaining or stabilizing oral and body health

PerioSafe - molecular biology prevention diagnostics for interdisciplinary prevention diagnostics

aMMP-8 - Interdisciplinary: The connection between mouth and body

Collagenases such as aMMP-8 are found almost everywhere in the human body. They are needed in physiological reconstructive processes, e.g. in embryo development, nerve growth or angiogenesis. MMPs are also involved in most pathological processes, including in arthritis, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, wound healing and periodontitis.*

Once the periodontal tissue initiates an inflammatory response, immune cells activate and secrete the enzyme MMP-8. This cuts the dense network of collagen fibers so that defense cells can move to the source of infection. Like a “machete in the collagen jungle”, aMMP-8 paves the way for granulocytes, macrophages, and osteoclasts.

If this process becomes out of balance, e.g. as a result of chronic irritation, smoking, stress, hormonal changes or diabetes, it may lead to increased, potentially periodontal tissue degradation. The previously dense barrier becomes more permeable and can thus provide an entry point into the bloodstream for oral microorganisms and inflammatory messengers.* As a result, chronic subclinical bacteremia can occur, i.e. the temporary presence of bacteria in the blood that cannot be clinically detected or which can only be detected with difficulty. In clinical studies, oral bacteria have been e.g. found in atherosclerotic plaques* but also on joint prostheses.*

*Studies are available. We will be happy to send you an overview of sources on request.

aMMP-8 analysis for dentistry and medicine


For aMMP-8 analysis, two test versions are available to you. Depending on the current situation, digital analysis using the PerioSafe ® PRO DRS test, a rinse sample, can be used for screening for all natural teeth to provide early diagnosis of collagen degradation in apparently healthy patients. For patients in which periodontal disease has already been diagnosed, ImplantSafe ® DR testing can be performed directly on the single tooth or implant to protect these patients from renewed collagen degradation, thereby protecting the stability of the teeth in the bone.


In order to safeguard your patients against negative interactions between oral “silent inflammations” and unsuccessful attempts to conceive, diabetes, rheumatism, COPD, increased heart attack or stroke risk, in experienced specialist practices and fertility centers this analysis is also performed with the PerioSafe ® PRO DRS + ORALyzer ® in order to numerically determine levels.

With the consent of your patient, you can use the APD Information Sheet and Personalized Prevention Plan to arrange for levels and a treatment plan together with specialist colleagues in interdisciplinary manner.



The interdisciplinary importance of oral silent inflammations

The ORALyzer - Receive a professional molecular-biological analysis report in just a few minutes with implant protection and hygienic recommendations

Interdisciplinary approach

in specialist practice

For specially selected or new patients, the PerioSafe PRO DRS test is performed and quantitatively evaluated with the ORALyzer directly in the practice. In just a few minutes, the practitioner and the patient can see if there is active periodontal degeneration. With the consent of the patient, the specialist can offer appropriate preventive or therapeutic measures together with a specialist dentist.

Making interdisciplinary collaboration easy.

Use the Digital Reader in medical and dental diagnostics.

More information

The PerioPreventionCenter (PPC): A Competence Center for Dental Preservation, Implant Protection and Molecular Biological Prevention Diagnostics

What is the PerioPrevention® concept?

PerioPrevention® Centers (PPC) are dental practices and clinics that are particularly committed to tooth preservation and implant protection and possess the associated qualifications. The use of aMMP-8 biomarker technology is integrated as a standard in screening and monitoring. The centers are the first point of contact in their region for interdisciplinary cooperation with specialist physicians. PPCs have the know-how and equipment to prevent the development of periodontal diseases at an early stage and to permanently eliminate them with modern diagnostics and minimally invasive measures.

98% of all aMMP-8 positive patients opt for prevention services.– v.d. Schoor et.al
  • Early detection of active collagen degradation by quantitative test/laboratory test (PerioSafe® PRO DR/ImplantSafe® DR & ORALyzer®) as diagnostic standard
  • Individual preparation of a prevention plan and collection of the quantitative MMP-8 input value. Professional dental cleaning (PZR) with pocket sterilisation or deep cleaning, consultation on domestic dental care (as required)
  • PerioPrevention® Concept – Regular tooth cleaning offers the most promising long-term results according to a Swedish long-term study. The 25-year study by Axelsson & Lindhe recommends 4-6 tooth cleanings within the first 24 months. Subsequently, reduction of the intervals to 2-4 cleanings per year.
  • Clinical monitoring and quantitative control with aMMP-8 for follow-up, diagnostics gestützte Therapy and recall decision
  • Interdisciplinary exchange with accompanying specialists of the patients if required

As a result of their 25-year study, Swedish researchers Axelsson & Lindhe recommend 4-6 teeth cleanings in the first 2 years. Thereafter, the intervals are reduced to 2-3 per year – which would reduce the tooth loss ratio by 90% to ~ 1.4!

The PerioPrevention® concept according to Axelsson/Lindhe can reduce tooth loss and the risk of inflammation by 90 %. The aMMP-8 technology measures subclinical collagen degradation and indicates individual prevention needs.– Prof. Dr. Timo Sorsa, University of Helsinki

Implant protection & tooth preservation


Germans lose approximately 14 teeth by the time they reach retirement age (according to DMS IV)! In most instances, this is caused by the unnoticed progression of hidden periodontal inflammation, which has also increased by about 23%.

The PerioPrevention® Concept, founded on the scientific fundamentals of the Universities of Gothenburg and Helsinki as established by Axelsson/Lindhe, is based on more than 30 years of research and science. This confirms that with early detection and prevention almost 90% hidden inflammation and periodontal tooth loss can be avoided!

aMMP-8 detects hidden inflammation and identifies patients who are in active PA progression.

  • These can be integrated (preventively) in due course into supplemental prophylaxis and into the PerioPrevention® Concept.
aMMP-8 recognizes which patients are in PA progression.


→ measures the attachment loss – pocket depth that has already occurred (damage measurement)


→measures active tissue degeneration and has prognostic value


→ is invisible to the eye because it is a molecular process in the immune system

The PerioPrevention® Center is united in improving and maintaining the health of the mouth and body


…and want to integrate medical biomarker technology as standard treatment in order to interface with medical professionals and keep your patients healthy in cross-discipline fashion?

Become part of a Europe-wide network in the fight against periodontitis and peri-implantitis and for the maintenance of oral and body health.

Then become a PerioPrevention® Center!

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