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ImplantSafe® DR

Your dental implant needs a healthy, stable environment


Some time ago, you decided to get a dental implant – and thereby opted for the highest-quality dental prosthesis. You made a good choice when faced with the unpleasant fact of losing your own tooth.

Many patients are only 40 to 50 years old. Given the average life expectancy, an implant therefore needs to be firmly anchored in the jaw for 30 to 40 years. By implantation day, we’ve done our utmost to ensure optimal care to guarantee a successful surgery. From the first day forward, everything should also be done to permanently protect your high-quality denture against oral collagen degradation and to ensure the stability that it needs with every bite.

Our desire is to see you be happy each and every day with this decision and with your fixed dental implant that will last a lifetime.

Your dental implants need continuous attention. After the implant has been sited, continuous aftercare in your dental practice as well as your targeted daily care of the implant begins at home. A lack of care, systemic diseases, stress, smoking, nutritional factors and environmental influences can impair the long-term success of the implant and provoke immune system reactions that initiate tissue degradation at the implant.

Set & Protect - Customized implant protection

But untreated inflammations in the tissue surrounding teeth and implants can also affect your health and lead to systemic diseases.

To prevent damage, we rely on consistent early detection, and our practice is certified in “Early detection & immunological saliva diagnostics”. To ensure that the tissue around your implants remains permanently free of inflammation and that you will permanently benefit from your investment in your oral health, we recommend performing immunological saliva analysis (quantitative aMMP-8 analysis) at least 1-2 times a year (depending on your risk profile and pre-existing conditions) at the points of entry of the implants (PISF) in order to rule out subclinical inflammation or detect it at an early stage.

If the measured aMMP-8 enzyme level exceeds 20 ng/ml, this result indicates the onset of collagen destruction.

Analysis of your aMMP-8 status Values Control für Your Implant & Body Health






In order to prevent the progression of this process, early detection and initiation of the necessary measures are of crucial importance, since the emergence of peri-implantitis (i.e., measurable bone loss >4 mm) can be effectively prevented by early detection and secondary prevention measures (p.3 DGI guideline).

As a rule, this involves cleaning the implant neck area and more frequent follow-up visits in our practice. Your cooperation is essential and is vital to the success of your implant protection program.

ImplantSafe – Quantitative analysis with the ORALyzer

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